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Monday, November 9, 2015

art that lights up the night

As we enter the winter months with shorter days, 
I thought it appropriate and celebratory to create art that lights up the night.  

The children's art warm up consisted of drawing on strips of tracing paper with permanent marker.

After cutting out their drawings (for some, it was more appropriate to wrap the jar with their drawing), the children used modge podge to adhere their illustrations to their jars.

When our votives were complete, we ate our snack with the lights off.

We read the book, Tommaso and the Missing Line by Mattio Pericoli.

When creating our houses, the children chose from different shoe boxes.  They decided which direction they'd like their houses to face, drawing doors and windows, while I used my xacto knife to cut them out.

Students referenced magazine images, found papers and tissue paper to add images, pattern and color to the outside.  Some of the children spontaneously added to the inside as well.  

We added battery operated votives to our houses in another attempt to light up the night.

UPCOMING DATES (click on the blue text for more information):

ALL DAY Saturday, November 21: to make+be merry art exhibit/sale/party
5 participating artists//door prizes for kiddos//bubbly for adults//juice+snacks

WEEKDAY WORKSHOPS: art class + trips to the MIA over Thanksgiving school closures
Mon-Wed, Nov. 23 - 25, 8:30am-1pm

Saturday, November 28: schedule an outing on eat street or visit Estrella's open house// reserve a one hour art class between 10am - 2pm  $20

Saturday, December 12: field trip to Glam Donuts (right down the street from the Create Everyday Classroom) + Wayne Thiebauld art, 1:30 - 4:30

Sunday, December 13, 1:30 -4:30: design your own gift tags and wrapping paper for the holidays

See The Create Everyday Classroom for all class listings

I was traveling last week and didn't keep up with my email.  My apologies!  Please note that I also receive emails from if you should have trouble in the future.

As always, Thank you for your enthusiastic support!  Happy November!

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