Our drawing warm up on Thursday involved leaves and symmetry in art.  The children cut leaves in half, glued them on their drawing paper and used a graphite pencil to complete the second half, later adding watercolor paint.

On our way to the MIA, we sang songs about leaves, pumpkins and witches.  
We stopped by the light exhibit at MCAD.

Our artist of study was Paul Klee.  I had the children view his painting titled Beginning of a Poem (primarily a composition of letters).  On our visit to the MIA, we made note of any letters we saw in art.  

As a side note: The children seem to always stop (and drop) next to "Flight of Night"/Paul Manship (the sculpture on the top left of the above image) and this piece has moved several times over the course of our visits.  This past Thursday, I witnessed some of the children spontaneously acting this sculpture out with their bodies after they had finished sketching.  SO FUN!  And there was a lot of room to do this, too, considering we seemed to have the MIA to ourselves this particular day.

We had a snack picnic on the MCAD campus and read the book, Max's Words by Kate Banks.  When we returned to the classroom, the children randomly chose words (one noun and one adjective) to be used as a prompt for their soft pastel drawing.

On Friday, we continued our study of Paul Klee.  This time we viewed "Cat and Bird".  The children used watercolor crayon to draw their cats and birds, finishing them with paint.

We had snack in the classroom and read the book, A Tiger Called Thomas by Charlotte Zolotow.  It was SO MUCH colder on our walk to the MIA on Friday but enthusiasm was high.

 We spent our time looking for cats and tigers when visiting the MIA.  

The children created their own tiger masks too.

For those of you who have been sending your children to my classes for awhile, you know how sentimental I can get.  I am so moved that I am able to spend time with your children.  Thank you for sharing these unbelievable individuals with me.  I will never forget those of you who encouraged me to have classes over school closure days either.  Thank you.  

UPCOMING DATES to keep in mind:

I am looking for young artists who want to light up the night on Sunday, November 8 from 1:30-4:30. We are going to be building small houses as well as creating art for votive candles.  $55

The next WEEKDAY WORKSHOPS are scheduled for November 23 - 25 (8:30am- 1pm).  These classes are similar in format to the MEA Weekday Workshops.  I only have one more seat available on the 25th but have a few more on November 23/24.  Please reserve your seat ASAP.

There are TWO special events in November that involve parents and friends of parents.
Check these out here.

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