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do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

creating with natural materials

My intention was to bring the lake to the classroom in my recent art class this past Sunday.  I wanted to give the children an opportunity to discover a variety of ways they can create with natural materials that are easily found near any body of water.

Our warm up activity involved a drawing exercise where the children chose items from my collections and created a composition by drawing or tracing these items onto paper.

The children also used these materials to create (or build) temporary "drawings".

Small pieces of driftwood were available to incorporate into a painting.

We chose driftwood sticks to create our own painted creatures.

After a snack picnic outside in the wind, we returned to the classroom for sand painting.  The children LOVED witnessing their "invisible painting" with glue come to life after adding sand.

I have finalized a date for an introduction to ceramics class (hand building and firing) with a visiting artist the first Sunday afternoon of October.  Make sure you check this out.  View October classes here.

I am already taking registrations (via email) for WEEKDAY WORKSHOPS during school closures. It's not too early to reserve your seat.  View this link for class dates.

I have 3 more seats available during my September classes on Sunday afternoon.

If your children started school already, I hope they had an exceptional experience.  This can be such an exciting time of year.  Wishing you all ease as you transition.

Thank you!

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