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Sunday, July 19, 2015

wayne thiebaud for toddlers

Today we studied the artist, Wayne Thiebaud.  

I referenced one book while introducing this artist to the children: 
Wayne Thiebaud A Retrospective by John Wilmerding 

When discussing this artist, we learned that Wayne Thiebaud liked to paint delicious things.  The children identified cakes, popsicles and ice cream.

I showed them Thiebaud's "Green Gum Ball Machine" and 
we set out to create our own.

 We used sidewalk chalk to trace our circles onto our black canvas panels.

We painted the inside of our circles with white paint.

We applied small paper circles one at a time to the white (wet) paint to represent our gum balls.  This was a great practice in strengthening our pincer grip.

When we were finished applying our paper circles, we painted a red base.

vocabulary: Wayne Thiebaud, circle, canvas, template, chalk, base

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