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Monday, July 27, 2015

schools and schools and schools...of FISH

Fishes were our subjects of study in yesterday's art class.  Our warm up drawing exercise consisted of referencing illustrators, Brian Wildsmith, Oliver Jeffers, Manual Scanigo and Mariann Johansen-Ellis while creating drawings of our own.

For the younger children who were more intimidated about drawing fish, 
I had them imitate a line drawing similar to this:

this image was borrowed from Art Project Girl

We turned this line drawing into fish by adding tails and eyes.  
We used watercolors or markers to add color.

We all used scissors to cut out our fish and gel medium to adhere them to our art boards.

The older children also incorporated different (patterned) paper to add another point of interest to this piece.

We also designed our own coasters.  After using a permanent marker to draw or trace a fish on clay tile, we painted our drawings.  Each tile was treated with an acrylic varnish for waterproof protection.

We read the book Fishes by Brian Wildsmith.  Not only is this book filled with beautiful, full page illustrations but Fishes introduces a different synonym on every page for the word, school: "A battery of barracuda." or "A host of angel fish."

After a snack picnic that included strawberries, crackers and lemonade, we returned to the classroom for the art making finale and most favorite activity: Koinobori.  The children created paper (fish) windsocks. This involved a series of several, complicated steps and required much patience to complete.  Some of the children tested out their windsocks in front of the fan in our classroom.

The last month of summer is approaching!  There are classes available (almost) every Sunday afternoon as well as one more five day art camp.  View THIS LINK for more information.  I have also included information about a gallery art party for adults on the eve of August 29.

If you are looking for a family outing on Sunday, August 2, I will be offering FREE art activities for children at OPEN STREETS on East Lake between the hours of 11am and 1:30 pm.  The location of my tent will be in front of Le Town Talk Diner.  To continue with the French theme, the children will be introduced to three French artists.  Tell your friends.  I'd LOVE to see you there!

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