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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

masters' studies Summer ART Camp highlights

Summer ART Camp 
JULY 20 - 24

matisse decorative bowls

student inspired matisse (on the sidewalk)!

batik tee shirts

Louise Bourgeois textile study

spirals (clockwise from left): clay (student's work),
printing, painting and stitching (student's work), Louise Bourgeois piece
sketching at the MIA

Piet Mondrian study on clay tiles

strawberry still life
drawing with paint brush and ink
discovering a mural
paintings representing our week together (on canvas) from each artist's point of view

materials used: graphite pencil, sketchbook, paper, scissors, mod podge, paintbrush, paint rollers, cotton tee shirts, gel glue, acrylic paint, burlap, thread, needle, ribbon, ceramic tile, canvas, soft pastels, air dry clay

vocabulary: Henri Matisse, stencils, protea, batik, Louise Bourgeois, textile, Piet Mondrian, tile, Yayoi Kusami, plexiglass, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, still life, Wayne Thiebaud, mail art (postcards)

sketchbook prompts: mug, quiet time, plant life, wild, fruit

other activities (in addition to art making): sketching at the MIA, sketching at the MCAD Sculpture Garden, lunch picnics in the MCAD Sculpture Garden, an adventure walk to see a mosaic and mural

There is one more summer camp on the books!  Check out this link for more information.

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