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Monday, July 13, 2015

Ellsworth Kelly: plant drawings

Ellsworth Kelly's plant drawings

We opened up class by looking through the book, Plant Drawings.  This book contains over 30 plates of Kelly's work.  We discussed the simplicity and importance of line.

The children practiced blind contour drawing while using plant subjects in the classroom.  This discipline trains the eye to focus on the line in their subject (rather than the line that is being drawn on the page).

Each student referenced their own drawings to create a soft pastel drawing.

We departed for our walk to find plants to draw in the neighborhood.

 After our walk, we took a snack and water break inside the classroom.

The children referenced their sketches from our walk and created monoprints.

Some of the children were introduced to copic markers and created more plant drawings.

Throughout the second half of our time together, the children continued to ask to go on another walk and draw.  Instead of creating a watercolor painting or a collage piece (although some had time to squeeze this in at the end), we took another walking route with our drawing papers.  

Here are some of the results.  
The children's plant drawings
There could be a lot to focus on here but I will choose two items: 

The children used graphite pencils.  Some of the students had been introduced to these before and for some, this was the first time.  No one ever expressed any distress about not having an eraser.

As my adult eyes peruse the classroom neighborhood, all I see are weeds.  The children see beauty and awe in everything and despite the high temperatures and humidity, could have spent all of their time drawing outside yesterday.  

Thank you for enrolling your children.  What an exceptional class.

After a successful career in bold color and shape, and at a much later age in life,  Ellsworth Kelly created his plant drawings.  Over 80 of these drawings were on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2012.  

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