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Sunday, July 19, 2015

chicken ART! day

William and Isaac were able to bring their chickens to art class yesterday!  The chickens were able to roam freely around the classroom.  Some of the students were comfortable holding our guests.  We used the chickens as models to create white charcoal sketches on black canvas and black paper.  The children finished their paper sketches by using soft pastels.

When our guest artist, Cami Applequist, arrived, we prepared to begin another activity.

Cami discussed her love for chickens (the primary subject of her work).  She shared her creative process and the materials she prefers to use and why.  The children were able to pass her original work around the table and inquire about the different materials used for each mixed media piece. 

After her presentation, Cami guided the children, step by step, through creating their own chicken art.I was especially fond of the fact that tearing the paper (instead of cutting) was the majority of the "creating" here.

When we completed our work with Cami, we took a picnic snack break outside.  After returning to the classroom, we practiced recognizing shadow, drawing and shading while creating a charcoal still life.

We wrapped up our chicken ART! class by painting our white charcoal sketches on canvas.

In addition to several other the books, the children especially enjoyed this one today:

First the Egg, by author and illustrator, Laura Vaccaro Seeger

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