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Monday, March 9, 2015

weekday workshop

Our first art lesson was on the subject of Georgia O'Keeffe and her watercolor paintings.  We studied her piece, Evening Star, and created interpretations of our own.  I wish I had photographs of all of these.  They were ALL so amazing!  The children seemed to be really surprised and proud of their work.

In addition to making every effort to visit all of the participants' favorite places in the museum, we also visited three distinct pieces/exhibits this past Friday.  All three were created by women.  

Our first stop was Georgia O'Keeffe's painting, Pedernal - From the Ranch #1.  

We also viewed O'Keeffe's, Chesnut Tree - Grey

 Here we are in a tiny gallery (Gallery 353) with Rosa Bonheur's piece, Palette

Our last stop was a visit to the MAEP Gallery and an installation by the living and local artist, 
Carolyn Swiszcz titled, Inventory.

After climbing the "snow hill", returning to the classroom and devouring our lunches, we discussed Carolyn's work and her interest in painting everyday, ordinary subjects.  I asked the children to follow suit and to pick a chair in the classroom to study, draw and paint.

You may or may not be curious as to why we painted on gesso-covered junk mail.  First of all, I think it's somewhat magical that pretty much any surface can be transformed into a painting surface after adding a layer of gesso.  And just as important, the combination of the advertisement (whether it be lettering or images) and gesso adds more texture and dimension to a painting - something that normally might take several layers of painting and much more time to create.  It's a great lesson on "re-using" (recycling) too!

I use gesso covered junk mail as well (and wish I would remember to use it more)!

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