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Monday, March 16, 2015

milton avery: the art of simplicity and perspective

Before we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, the children spent time looking at some examples of Milton Avery's monoprints.  

milton avery, sea, moon and stars

We applied paint to laminate wood plates with palette knives and paintbrushes (an enjoyable activity in itself) and used q-tips to create our drawing or design, transferring them to paper.

 Before our walk, we looked at several of Milton Avery's paintings and had a discussion on perspective.  Some of the children practiced this idea when we were sketching outside.

After a hearty snack and a lot of water, we started our last activity.  We looked at Milton Avery's paintings again and discussed how he used shapes to represent an area of the landscape.  We also observed that the artist wasn't attached to using realistic colors.

milton avery, red rock falls
milton avery, shapes of spring

The children chose a Milton Avery piece that inspired them and used this reference to create their own painting on canvas.

I was particularly impressed with the children's interpretations and, as per usual, wish I had better photos of their process!  

As a result, we had some proud painters.

The children also had some time to explore a new material, watercolor crayons.

new vocabulary: palette knife, plate, monoprint, abstract, perspective

And just for fun: 
I think this is one of the better, more concise articles on the benefits of art education.

There are 3 more classes scheduled this month:

Check out this link for classes in April!

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