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Monday, March 23, 2015

matisse's elaborate wallpaper and rug patterns (table cloths too!)

On Sunday afternoon our class was titled, "Matisse's Elaborate Wallpaper and Rug Patterns".  

Before looking at Matisse's work, the students discussed the characteristics of patterns. 

When observing Matisse's paintings, they noted his use of bold and vivid color when creating his detailed patterns.  

The children began by sketching out patterns of their own, giving them a better understanding of the process required in creating a handmade pattern.  

When they discovered a pattern they were happy with, they applied paint.

After learning how to create the look of a three dimensional space by drawing three lines, there were squeals of delight.  I think they were already able to imagine this empty space becoming a room of their own.

The children decided if they wanted to use their own patterns or pick others from the examples we had referenced earlier.  They used tracing paper templates from each wall and floor area. They used these templates to measure and cut from their patterns, eventually gluing their wallpaper and rug patterns down.

We took some time to observe what Matisse chose to place in his rooms.  The children created their interiors by drawing and cutting out windows, light fixtures and furniture.  They found clippings from magazines as well.

This particular project took over two hours to create.  When I reflect on this class, each student's focus and enthusiasm throughout the course of this creative cycle still amazes me.  

In addition to reading a Matisse book one student had brought to share, we also read a book on "Blue Dog", a favorite creation/subject for the artist, George Rodrigue.

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