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do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Monday, February 2, 2015

the art of animals

We started class by reaching in a grab bag and choosing an animal on wheels.  We discussed different approaches to painting these figures.  I had the children think of their approach before beginning. It was so interesting to me how clear their visions for their creations were before they started.  Each piece took a variety of several steps.  The children created their first layer and set them aside to dry. Everyone added a second layer.  Some children added a third and a fourth.

While the children were waiting for their wooden animals to dry, they looked through stacks of children's books emphasizing animal illustrators.  We looked through books illustrated by Graeme Base, Lucy Cousins, Marianne Dubuc, Oliver Jeffers, Tom Murphy, Katie Viggers, and Brian Wildsmith.  The children book-marked their favorite illustrations eventually picking one as a source of inspiration for our next activity.  

Olive chose a Graeme Base illustration of a giraffe.  George chose Lucy Cousin's illustration of a leopard.  Gianna and Iona chose an owl and a fox by Brian Wildsmith and Sloane chose an illustration by Oliver Jeffers.

We set to work drawing, stuffing, cutting taping and stapling... 

Once each creation started to come to life, the children became extremely excited about them.  My plan was to have the children also paint these creations but there was little interest in this. They were far more interested in participating in imaginative play with these newly created characters and wanted to hold onto them for the remaining class.

One of the class participants had also attended the Martin Luther King, Jr. art workshop earlier this month.  She asked if we could listen to our song list from that day.  Some children asked to create Martin Luther King, Jr. portraits while others worked on adding another layer of paint to their wooden animals.

We read a new book, The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc during one of our painting sessions.

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