I HAVE A DREAM art workshop

Designing our DREAM t shirts took a series of several, thoughtful steps.  The children started by painting their own letters, letting them dry and cutting them out, creating their own stencils.  They arranged their cut out letters on their t shirts and used fabric spray paint.  Once this layer of paint had dried, the children added detail by applying fabric paint with paint brushes.

stencil making, spray painting and detail design of DREAM t shirts
Make sure to wash these t shirts separately before combining them with the rest of your laundry!

The children chose between two different portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. (one was from the front of the book, Martin's Big Words), they traced his portrait and created a mixed media piece using magazine clippings to create his clothing and the words, "I have a dream" or "DREAM".

mixed media Martin Luther KIng, Jr. I HAVE A DREAM portraits

I hope that your children are enjoying the songs on the CD!  I have three extra CDs with our song list from yesterday (in case your child didn't get theirs).

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate and honor Martin Luther King, Jr. than by spending this time with your enthusiastic and engaged children.  Thank you for enrolling them in this workshop.  I am already excited for next year!

The classroom was so funny to see after all the art making was finished and the children had left!
We made such good use of the space!


Regarding the MIA workshop on Friday, February 13: If your child's lunch needs to be kept cold, please include a freezer block (or the like).  Also, let me know if your child needs/desires a new sketchbook.

I also think I have TWO MORE SEATS in this upcoming class at the end of January!  Let me know if you are interested in enrolling your child.

And this series of classes begins every Sunday afternoon in February!


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