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Monday, January 12, 2015

saturday weekEND workshop at the MIA

an extra hour of class allows room for a bit more adventure
We experienced another amazing class this past Saturday.  This was our first four hour class and time still passed quickly for all.  

We spent the first hour of class working with white charcoal on black paper, drawing our art supplies and tools.  This warm up was so popular over the winter break classes, I thought we would try it again.  Some of the children also created mixed media portraits using one or two features that were cut out from images in magazines.

On this particular day, we spent a lot of time in the Target and US Bank Galleries.
in awe of "the rocks" projected inside the dome (see next image)

watching bald eagles feed their chicks

We explored other areas too, sitting in front of a Piet Mondrian piece 
as well as a Willem de Kooning and discussing our observations.

Being a Saturday, the museum was much busier than other days when we typically visit.  I love how the other attendees just naturally adapted to giving the children their floor space.

the children suggested we take a photo here

thought this was fun to see in Sunday's paper
We'll see some of you in one week for the Martin Luther King, Jr. 
workshop on Monday, Jan 19.

Here is more information regarding upcoming classes:

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