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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

winter break WEEKDAY WORKSHOP 2

We just completed DAYS 3 and 4 of the winter break WEEKDAY WORKSHOPS!

Our warm ups included drawing our art supplies and tools 
with white charcoal and adding color with soft pastels.  

We also created patterns by stamping with onions and tree stumps.

The children's book illustrator, Katie Viggers, is SO POPULAR in the Create Everyday Classroom.  Some of the children were inspired by her drawings and created works of their own.

Another art warm up consisted of creating pie shapes and using our own, handmade patterns to create a collage.  This was especially challenging but many were able to complete most of their pie!

And, here we are, visiting the MIA - always such a fascinating process to observe.
Your children demonstrate such interest and awe.  


4 HOURS may seem like a long time but I'd like to try it, if you are game.  

The children always want more time at the museum and then, when we return to the classroom, they want to create something more.  We have felt short on time for both of these opportunities.
I am proposing a four hour class on January 10.  Since this is right around the corner, let me know if you are interested.  The number of students who enroll will affect if I have an assistant or not.

Thank you!

See this link for 2 more classes offered in January (at this time). 

I value your recommendations of dates for classes.  Many classes have already been created because you have done this.  Thank you!

I also welcome any feedback regarding class schedules as we approach more of winter (the harder part of it, in my meek opinion) Are 3 hour classes better? Does anyone want 2 hour Sunday afternoon classes?  etc.

There is another art + music workshop on the horizon for February.

With your children's interest in ceramics, I am searching out a ceramics studio where we can visit and create in February as well.  Stay tuned!

read about and view photos from DAYS 1 + 2 of our winter break WEEKDAY WORKSHOP here

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