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Monday, November 24, 2014

geometry in art: marcus oakley + agnes martin

Glue sticks and cardboard shapes were the first materials we put our hands on yesterday.  It was our last class in the Geometry of Art series (for now).  This particular activity was inspired by the living artist, Marcus Oakley.  I cut out cardboard shapes prior to class and the children chose the shapes they wanted to use and assemble.

Once our cardboard collages were complete, we took our work one step further and also experimented with printmaking (wish I had photos!)

I also introduced the artist, Agnes Martin.  We looked at many of her images and the children noticed her use of lines, grids and patterns.  They used a ruler to create their own lines and designs, embellishing these pieces with soft pastel and white paint.

Some of the children created boxes using the cube patterns again.

Others played with more shapes.

All experimented with printing their own designs on large pieces of paper.  
More wrapping paper for the holidays, perhaps?

I remember wrapping up our map making series and thinking we could create art based on this topic for an entire year.  I feel the same about Geometry in Art.  
More classes on this topic will surely pop up again.

Agnes Martin had some inspiring words to say about young children. This is a photograph taken directly from the book, Agnes Martin: Paintings, Writings, Remembrances by Arne Glimcher. 

Read more Agnes Martin quotes here.

I will see some of you this coming Wednesday for
our WEEKDAY WORKSHOP (9am-noon).
Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to ALL!

And, as a side note: It seems as if parents are much more interested in WEEKDAY WORKSHOPS (these classes are full) in December than Saturday and Sunday afternoon classes.  If you are still considering the classes announced below, will you let me know?
This will help me make a decision on how to move forward.
Thank you!

I also have 2 more seats available in this Saturday afternoon workshop!

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