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Monday, November 10, 2014

geometry in art: 2

Circles were our theme in the Geometry in Art class yesterday.  

Although we spent some time discussing big words like circumference, diameter and radius, creating the image above was the most captivating activity.  Each student created at least one, while others created two or three, using a different number of points and creating a different pattern.

Some of the children wanted to embellish their circle diagrams with color 
while others wanted to apply what they had learned to a stitching activity.  

I wish I had photos of the students' colored circle diagrams!

After a bathroom break and snack, most of the children expressed an enthusiastic interest in painting. This made complete sense after observing their intense focus with the first activity.

We used circle templates, noticing the different circumference and diameter of each, while creating our own patterns on paper.

The children used watercolors to paint their circle compositions while I read the book, The Wing on a Flea, written by Ed Emberley. This book introduces a simple concept of shape but is written with a rhythmic and playful prose that all the children enjoyed, bringing smiles and laughter to the room.

Some of the children continued using the watercolors after finishing 
their initial circle composition.

Tucker received some good love as well.

We look forward to continuing our theme of Geometry in Art next week!
In the meantime, Happy Art Making!

Some of you have asked about December classes.  Because of holiday schedules, I have created an opportunity to mix and match dates.  Every class will be different.

We will create art based on Steve Jenkins' books.  
Mix and match the dates that work best for you.  
Commit to a minimum of two.

One of the December classes includes "building" an animal from one of Jenkins' books.

 animal art by Marta Madureira and Britt-Marie Oskarsonn

For more general information on Create Everyday art classes for children or 
for a list of upcoming classes, please visit this link.

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