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do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

MEA Weekday Workshop (Friday)

Before class on Friday morning, I collected more leaves so that we could create leaf prints as our warm up activity.  The children manipulated the clay, making it flat (like a pancake), chose a leaf and carefully pressed the leaf into the clay.  They removed the leaf, observing the impressions, cut out the leaf shapes and set them aside.  We would return and paint them a bit later...

We played a bit with some glue, creating our own designs and arrangements.

It was significantly cooler but that didn't stop the children 
from wanting to spend more time at the MCAD sculpture garden!

When given the choice to eat snack inside or outside on this colder day, 
it was unanimous that we eat snack outside.  

We walked a different route to the museum 
and the children wanted to stop and sketch a different sculpture.

We were excited when we reached the front entrance.

On our return to the classroom, we discussed the artist, Frank Stella, 
and a piece we had referenced at the MIA. 
The children created their own interpretations.

Frank Stella at the MIA
The next WEEKDAY WORKSHOP is Friday, October 31 from 9am-noon!
There are still a few seats available at 11am for a FREE art class, Saturday, November 1.
We begin the theme, The Art of Geometry Sunday afternoons in November.
See this link for more information.

This was a two day workshop.  Read about Thursday's class here.

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