last October class

We wrapped up our last class of October yesterday! 

For our art warm up, we worked with fallen leaves.  The children painted panels, placed their leaves on top and then pressed paper over their panels.  After peeling the paper off, the leaf shapes were represented in the negative space.  Then the children removed the leaves and pressed their paper down again, this time, revealing the details of each leaf.  

The students also created their own leaf shapes by drawing/pressing into foam. 

They printed these onto paper.

This month, we have been reading Byrd Baylor's books.  In addition to reading the books, The Way to Start a Day and Another Way to Listen yesterday, we specifically discussed the illustrator, Peter Parnall.  The children observed that this particular illustrator used a lot of lines while creating his illustrations.  The students experimented with drawing a lot of lines on paper, finding shapes that appealed to them within their lines and then elaborating on these shapes.

After experimenting on paper, some of the children created another printing template by drawing/pressing their lines onto foam core and printing it onto paper.

A koala and whale also showed up at class yesterday.  
These paintings were inspired 
by the children's book illustrator, Katie Viggers.

Happy Art Making!

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