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Monday, October 6, 2014

Everybody Needs a Rock

Yesterday was the first day I turned on the heat in the classroom - a clear sign of a big change in season.  We warmed up by reading books and making art.  I can't think of anything better.

Byrd Baylor's books are the theme for these October classes and we started by reading the book, Everybody Needs a Rock.  I've included a few pages of the text here:

The children were captivated with Byrd Baylor's prose.  I love the sense of wonder and good humor in this book.  We discussed rock collections that the children had, where they like to look for rocks and they described some of their favorite rocks with the group.  We explored a jar full of rocks I had collected from Lake Superior.  The children sorted through them, picked their favorites and traced their shapes with charcoal on canvas.

After arranging and tracing their rocks, the children used water to "paint" their rocks using their charcoal lines.  They chose their favorite of the collection to stitch.  
I wish I had photographs of the finished pieces!

As our art warm up for the day, we read another book on the subject and symbol of infinity: Infinity and Me by Kate Hosford and illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska.  Some of the children painted the infinity symbol with ink and embellished their symbol with watercolors.

And, similar to the way the masks were made last week (a complete impromptu decision made by the class), the children decided to make bead necklaces.  They wrapped magazine scraps, glued them and strung them with string.

I look forward to more of Byrd Baylor and other spontaneous happenings in the weeks to come.
See you next Sunday!

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