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ART CLASSES for children
On Saturday, November 1, I am offering FREE 45 minute art classes for children.
See this link for more information.
The Art of Geometry (paint, stitch, print and build) begins every Sunday afternoon, 3:30-5:30.
I am beginning to schedule children's birthday parties for the upcoming winter months.


Schedule your painting party with 8-10 participants before the new year and receive 20% OFF. Although I am happy to travel and bring the party to you and your guests, this offer applies to parties in The Create Everyday Classroom.

Beginning next week, there will be seven opportunities to see and view my work. View this link for all seven locations.  Find one near you.

And just in case you wanted more:

To view a list of all the services I offer, visit this link.

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Follow my art making process on my visual artist page.

Those participating in #inktober.  These creatives are using ink to create something everyday in October.  Check out this piece recently completed by @jodiehurt on instagram.  It made me < squeal > OUT LOUD (and for those of you who know me, know that if a spontaneous squeal occurs, it's been a good day)

Speaking of squeals, I squealed Saturday night when I saw and purchased the recent issue of Modern Farmer.  Anyone want to guess why?

I am constantly reading (did you know I have a whole section on my blog dedicated to book reports?) I love studying, researching, observing and (in this case) watching. I recently stumbled across this piece on Wayne Thiebaud.  I admire his straightforwardness and humility.  I love the fact that he's just an ordinary guy, doing what he needs to do (even though he may not always know why).

What has recently inspired you?  DO share...

Is there anywhere/place I can keep up with your happenings?  Send me an email with links and let me know!


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