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do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

last September class: I AM

We had a great class yesterday.  In between bouts of play, we completed a lot of work.

This was the last class of September with the topic, I AM.  The children referenced the mirror to create their block/three dimensional portraits, while drawing the features of their face.  They also created self portrait prints and painted their favorite toys.  We continued the practice of mandala making, incorporating their photograph as the centerpiece.  Tucker received some special attention too.

Oh...the masks!  Some of the children were also inspired to create masks.  I almost forgot to mention this because it wasn't part of my curriculum for the day.  The book, Meet the Artist!  Pablo Picasso by Patricia Geis (check out this link and scroll down to view images of pages from this interactive book) is very popular in the Create Everyday Classroom.  The masks were inspired by this particular page.

Thank you, Parents, for enrolling your children in these classes (especially during such an unexpected flurry of exceptional weather on Sundays).

Stay tuned for announcements regarding October classes, 
the books of Byrd Baylor
WEEKDAY WORKSHOPS over MEA week and Halloween and...

I am excited to announce the theme for November classes: 
the art of GEOMETRY

Happy Art Making!  Have a GREAT week!

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