weekday workshop

What a day. 

The children walked through MCAD on their way to the MIA, 
stopping to draw the sculptures they saw in their tiny sketchbooks.

I just happened to have a friend (another art teacher) who is visiting the Twin Cities while taking an experimental drawing class at MCAD.  She invited me to visit today with our weekday workshop.

The children were able to meet Ti (aka T. Besonen), see a lot of the students' work...

 as well as touch "the largest pencil in the world".

When we arrived at the MIA, the children would ask if they could stop and draw.

It was hard to leave, but the walk back to the classroom was fun!

When we returned, we created work inspired by our visit.

interpretation of Your Dog by Yoshitomo Nara

interpretation of Phillip Guston painting

Check out Ti's work here.

The next create everyday weekday workshops are


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