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do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to be an Explorer of the World 2

This was the second week of constant humming or singing over the course of the entire class. The children become so absorbed in their creating.

We worked with a lot of different materials that had texture and experimented with more mark making on a large piece of paper.  One child said her favorite item was a produce bag.  Another said his favorite item was a fork.  Regardless, there was much enthusiasm.

Perhaps their completed works can be used as wrapping paper?

Our primary "exploring" activity today involved creating our own talking (or story telling) sticks.  The children created such beautiful pieces.

While their talking sticks were drying, we used mine and created a story.  Every time the stick was passed, it was someone else's turn to add to the story.  Today our story was about a bee who buzzed through the rolling hills and fields.  This bee turned into a queen bee who visited the ocean and lost her ability to fly.  She discovered many things while walking the sandy beaches.  Eventually the queen bee returned to the hills and fields where she laid one million eggs, had a big family and lived happily ever after with "lots of buzzing".  Don't be surprised if you're asked to use the story stick at home.

Our drawing exercise for the day involved choosing five clippings from the collage tray.  The children were asked to create drawings while incorporating these clippings.

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