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Thursday, May 15, 2014

SURPRISE ME art class

Last night was the first adult art class titled, Surprise Me! at the (NEW) Create Everyday Classroom and Studio.

This class was based on the practice of blind contour drawing.  Blind Contour drawing occurs when the person drawing uses their eyes to follow the contour of the subject rather than referencing their paper.

There are many benefits to this practice.  I especially appreciate these three: Drawing can easily be the most intimidating art form and yet, with blind contour drawing, (1) the critical mind is laid to rest (after all, how can one be critical if you weren't looking at your paper anyway?)  Frederick Frank refers to blind contour drawing as a meditative practice.  After becoming used to the idea of not looking at the paper last night, class participants began to notice (2) how relaxing this practice can be.  (3)The finished product is a pleasant surprise to the creator.

Once we practiced doing several drawings in pencil (we poked our pencils through paper plates to prevent us from peeking), the class was enthusiastic about moving onto other mediums.

We used brushes and india ink and worked on several different kinds of paper, creating larger variations of our subjects.

When I teach classes, I like to create "a break" mid-class by demonstrating another creative activity. Last night, we painted plates, and after blind contour drawing on the plates with q-tips, we created monoprints.

Students worked on embellishing both their drawings and prints with watercolors for the remainder of class.

Oh! And you can view my current adult art class schedule here.

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