art class: visual journaling

a fountain can be created from a square

Yesterday we started a new art class series, Visual Journaling.

The children completed four entries.

In addition to using two full pages to paint their names and ages, they created a collage for one entry as well as explored the idea of what could be made with a square.

The children noticed right away that there was an additional book added to our rotating collection, Not A Stick.  This new Picasso book was extremely popular.  I loved witnessing the children's excitement when they noticed the page on Picasso's guitars.  After we read Perfect Square, this prompted another spontaneous journal entry.  

a window and a mountain can be created from a square

Some children started to bring work that they would like to exhibit on June 8 at the Children's Art Exhibit and open house.  If your child would like to exhibit work that they created in class, please feel free to drop this off any Sunday afternoon in May.  If this isn't convenient, I am happy to arrange another time as well.  

Paul Klee study
With my commitment to this new space (thank you, Parents, for sharing in the excitement with me!), I am going to continue to have classes on Sunday afternoons throughout the summer.  Because of summer schedules, classes will be available in single afternoon sessions. We are going to be incorporating a bit of science into our art in June.  

In July, we are going to return to more map making.  

Meg (my previous teaching assistant from Sunny Hollow), will be assisting me during the MIA weekday workshop in June!  Tuesday and Thursday, June 17 and 19 from 2:30 - 5:30. We are going to walk to the MIA, explore the museum, have a snack picnic and return to the classroom to create our own interpretations of our day. This is a 2 day, afternoon session and is $95

Happy Art Making!


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