children's art class: mapping out minnesota

We're in the midst of a map making art class session and yesterday we mapped out Minnesota.  We discussed the different regions (forest, broadleaf and prairie) of this state, where these regions are generally located and what they might look like.

Once the children traced the outline of the state, they each starting forming an idea of what type of symbol, color(s), painting would express the forest best.  They applied this idea to a plate (in this case, tracing paper) and then printed it onto the corresponding region of their Minnesota map.

Three plates were created for each region.

We took a snack break and read two books while the children waited for their printing to dry.

When we returned, some of the children labeled their regions using oil pastel.  Some of the children painted their maps with watercolor, experiencing the wax resist of the oil pastel and also the depth created when applying watercolor paint over their initial printing.  

When they were finished painting, we used a soft pastel (chalk) on the wet surface to outline the Minnesota border.

Next week, we'll be creating cityscapes.

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Happy Art Making!

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