February Art Class II

We began art class with our study of Piet Mondrian and what would become his own style known as neoplasticism.

The children used square and rectangle templates to create their own compositions.


After finishing their black lines, we set aside our work to dry and began the study of another artist, Louise Bourgeois and her line drawings.

Especially in the early drawings, there is always space, at times large voids, surrounding tight clusters of strings and swirls....Bourgeois referred to her drawings as "thought feathers," spontaneous ideas captured on paper before they vanish and are forgotten. 
                                                                                                           Stephanie Buhmann, The Brooklyn Rail

We took a snack break and read the book, Emma's Rug by Allen Say.  Say both writes and illustrates this book, telling the story of Emma who receives her artistic inspiration from seeing images in her rug.  After her rug is washed, she experiences a short term devastation until she discovers she can see images all around her, on the walls, in the garden, etc.

We returned to our Piet Mondrian interpretations.  


And put the finishing touches on our work by using white paint to add more depth.

There will be a four week art class series on map making in March.  The children will create a map every week while applying drawing, painting, collage and mixed media techniques.  For more information about this upcoming class or art classes in general at Boneshaker Books, please visit this link.

Happy Art Making!


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