february art class I

Yesterday, we started the first of a series of art classes focussing on some of the master artists and their art making techniques.

We began this series with a study of the artists, Helen Frankenthaler and Henri Matisse.  Although these are two very different artists from different times, they have several characteristics in common.  They both were pioneers in creating their own art making techniques.  Frankenthaler was the first to stain untreated canvas with paint.  Matisse was the first to create a composition using only scissors and paper.  They both were considered bold with their use of color.

After discussing the first artist, Helen Frankenthaler, and viewing examples of her work, the children began working on the floor, pouring paint onto untreated canvas.  They used palette knives, rags, spoons, chop sticks, spray bottles with water and their hands to manipulate the paint.

We moved to the table for the second half of class, discussing the second artist, Henri Matisse and viewing examples of his work.  The children began by cutting free hand shapes out of construction paper.  They created their own compositions by glueing their paper cut outs onto paper.


Mid-class, we shared in snack while one of the students read us the book, Sky Color by Peter Reynolds.  This book tells the story of Marisol who has been assigned to be responsible for painting the sky as a part of a mural project at school but finds herself in a dilemma without any blue paint.

We also read M.B. Goffstein's book, Artists' Helpers Enjoy the Evening.  We closed class with I Am An Artist by Pat Lowry Collins.  As always, Tucker's presence was quite popular.

Next week, we will be studying the artists Piet Mondrian and Louise Bourgeois while working with drawing materials and watercolors.

If you missed this art class series or have enrolled your child and would like to continue with four more weeks, there is another series approaching in March.  Contact me to register.

Happy Art Making!


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