art class: self portraits

We completed our last class of this four week session with a practice and study of self portraits.

We viewed several of Van Gogh's self portraits and discussed the idea that self portraits can vary according to our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, imagination, etc at the particular time the self portrait is created.

The students started by applying another method of printmaking (one we did not practice last week).  They began by applying thick black lines of paint to tracing paper.  When they were finished, they pressed watercolor paper on the top, creating a mirror image of their initial outline.  

At the end of class, some of the children used watercolors 
to add color to their self portrait prints.

We transitioned to drawing self portraits with charcoal 
while having the ability to look in a mirror.  

We created our last self portrait using the collage method.  The children became absorbed in this particular approach and worked for a long time, chatting among themselves.

We had a short amount of time at the end of class to discuss Mark Rothko and his abstract work.  The children mimicked his minimalist/colorful style by using oil pastels.

We always take a snack break and read a few books.  Yesterday, we read, Little Smudge by  and Oooh! Picasso by Mil Niepold.

Thank you, parents, for enrolling your children in this art class series.  It was such a pleasure to cover this wealth of material with them.  You can review the previous three classes here:

February 2:  Helen Frankenthaler and Henri Matisse

February 9:  Piet Mondrian and Louise Bourgeois
February 16: Jasper Johns

Without a break, we are launching into another art class series on map making beginning next Sunday afternoon.  For more information, visit this link.

Happy Art Making!


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