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Monday, January 27, 2014

ART CLASS #2 at The Coffee Shop Northeast

This past Saturday, I facilitated another children's art class at The Coffee Shop Northeast.  If you live in the Twin Cities area, I have found that this is the place to be on a Saturday morning.  It is buzzing with warmth.  You must pay them a visit!

Our artist of study was Paul Klee.  Klee had such admiration for children's art.  He was one of the first artists to take on a more playful approach when creating.  Klee is well known for saying, "... a drawing is taking a line for a walk."  We began this particular lesson by taking a pastel for a walk on paper.

Klee employed many techniques and styles while making art.  To this day, it is still difficult to compartmentalize or identify his work as any particular style.  He was also one of the first artists to incorporate geometric shapes.

The children were introduced to Klee's work titled Castle and Sun.  
They immediately noticed that this particular work 
looked like building blocks they had at home.

Castle and Sun, Paul Klee

In the art lesson, we used building blocks, painted them with paint and then 
stamped them on our paper, creating castles, buildings and cities of our own.

When the children were finished, some of them watercolored the background.

This February I am teaching an art class series every Sunday afternoon  
contact me for registration information

Over the course of a two hour art class, we study one or two artists, read several children's books, eat a healthy snack and practice two different art techniques.  Tucker, the dwarf rabbit, attends art class too!

Take a bit of time on Sunday afternoons in February to run an errand or two while your child has the opportunity to become absorbed in the act of art making.  Have them enroll with a friend and carpool.  

In addition to receiving cash/personal checks and payments via paypal, I now take credit cards (whew! finally...)

To read more about create everyday art classes in general, please visit this link
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Happy Art Making! 

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