another art class

Wow.  How lucky am I?  There is nothing better than working with artists like this. We just completed our third class this past Saturday and the children are beginning to find their groove, for sure.

We read about forms of transportation with a specific emphasis on Donald Crews' books.  The children used pastels to draw their interpretations.  The week before, we had worked with traditional watercolors but this past Saturday, liquid watercolors were also introduced.


The children experimented with blending their pastels to create different colors. When introducing the liquid watercolors, some were surprised with the effects they could create with wax resist.

When we read Along A Long Road by Frank Viva, we had a lively discussion on perspective.  I also loved the fascination and humor they found in the title (the difference in meaning between "along" and "a long").  The Night Worker by Kate Banks, illustrated by Georg Hallensleben, is always an overall favorite.

There are two more three week sessions scheduled with our studio space at Boneshaker Books for late May and June.
Tuesdays, May 21 - June 4 from 4 - 5:30 and
Saturdays, June 8 - June 22, noon- 1:30

Contact me to register today.

Save the Date!  On Saturday, June 29th at 11am Stephen Shaskan will be the guest author at Boneshaker where he will be introducing his new book. 

To read another class synopsis or for more information on art classes, visit these links.

And...about last week's class:
Dianna Hutts writes books titled, A Seed is SleepyA Rock is LivelyAn Egg is Quiet. Sylvia Long creates beautiful illustrations with small drawings and words. Here are some photos of the children's interpretations.

Happy Art Making!


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